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2014, November 29th
Landsberg Theater, Landsberg am Lech, Germany

2014, November 23rd

B-flat,Bern, Switzerland

2014, November 22nd
AMR, Geneve, Switzerland

2014, November 21st
Schloss Elmau, Elmau, Germany

2014, November 19th
Unterfahrt, Munich, Germany

2014, November 18th
KFZ, Marburg, Germany

2014, November 7th
Prøysenhuset, Rudshøgda, Norway

2014, November 6th

Litteraturhuset, Oslo, Norway

2014, October 23rd

Kulturhausten, Rennesøy, Norway

2014, October 19th
Kulturhausten, Finnøy, Norway

2014, October 18th
Kulturhausten, Sauda, Norway

2014, October 17th
Kulturhausten, Strand/Forsand, Norway

2014, October 16th
Kulturhausten, Suldal, Norway

2014, September 23rd

Haretara Sorani Mame-maite, Daikanyama, Tokyo, Japan

2014, September 21st

European Jazz Festival, BBC Art Hall, Seoul, Korea

2014, September 20th
European Jazz Festival, BBC Art Hall, Seoul, Korea



June 6th, 2014
Today In The Country is relasing the beautiful Berlin Philharmonic procjekt Norwegian Woods on ACT, together with Solveig Slettahjell, Knut Reiersrud and Bugge Wesseltoft.The result is amazing, and you should all check out these great people who we have been fortunate to share this concert and live album with!

April 17th, 2014
In The Country is attending Jazzahead in Bremen this year!
The trio is part of the ŠKODA clubnight program at Jazzahead, playing an hour show on Saturday, April 26th at 11pm @ Sendesaal, Bremen, Germany.
March 20th, 2014
Konnichiwa Japan! We´re back to do five shows this week! Concerts are spreading through Kyoto, Kobe and Tokyo. First out is RAG live spot in Kyoto tonight!
For more shows, check out this!
February 6th, 2014
Great news - the Berlin Philaharmonic concert, with these fantastic people: Bugge Wesseltoft, Knut Reiersrud, Solveig Slettahjell and Mathias Eick, is also coming to Oslo! March 10th is a one time chance in Norway to hear this project before we all head down to Berlin and to the great Berlin Philharmonic Chamber Hall. Be sure not to miss this!!

March 10th, Oslo concert

March 11th, Berlin concert

Januray 13th, 2014
Happy New Year, everyone!

Ten years have past and we´re looking ahead toward the next ten years. We start off the concert season in March with concerts in Belgium and Germany before heading back to Japan. We´re particulary looking forward to play at the great Berlin Philaharmonic together with a great bunch of Norwegian friends. Bugge Wesseltoft, Knut Reiersrud, Solveig Slettahjell and Mathias Eick has been selected together with In The Country to do a concert by Siegfried Loch, founder of ACT Music. Looking tremendously forward to it!

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